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Wagyu Embryos update

We newly updated our Wagyu Embryos Page. Have a look it might be of interest. HERE

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Samstag, 27 Dezember 2014 00:00

Wagyu Embryos

We provide fullblood wagyu embryos in black and red.
The mothers are of US origin.

As you might know, red wagyu embryos are high ranked among Europe.

Please ask right away if you are interested in them. We've got different genetics such as:

Donor FB Registration Service-Sire Amount Price
MID-Yoko FB18840 Gabni Shosansuru not available at the moment 800,00 EUR
Yoko (Michifuku x Kitateruyasodoi) is a cow with excellent marbling.
Genstar 5 out of 8 stars. Free of genetic defects.
Shosansuru (TF149 Mitsuhikokura x Michifuku) is an imported bull from Australia with excellent marbling. CHS-C
MID-Kaori red wagyu Ashwood FX007 5#1 1.000,00 EUR
She's a rarety in Europe. Free of genetic defects and a grand daughter of HB Shigemaru.


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Samstag, 27 Dezember 2014 00:00

Fullblood Pregnancies

is beeing worked...

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Donnerstag, 09 Oktober 2014 00:00


Kenshige is a son of the outstanding cow Namaki S501 FB 14907. This cow is halfsister to WSI Umemaru and has no other progeny outside of Europe. She has show winning potential seeing to her outstanding frame and excellence in feet and legs.

His father MID Kensei, a black bull carrying red, was sired by Kenhana fuji.

This red MID Kenshige will be a real outcross for the Akaushi breed.

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